Bridal Buddy

Dum Dum Dum Da Dum!

“Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people because that is the way you get ahead.”
–Heather Stenlake, Founder of the Bridal Buddy
Brilliant Heather is putting bridesmaids out of business with her sheer innovative slip that easily gathers the wedding gown. Wearing the “Bridal Buddy,” brides can use the bathroom themselves, in lieu of the assistance of their best friends. [subtle loo pun intended]
Did any of the Shark Tank sharks propose? 
Pretend bride Sweet Melissa gave a genuinely real and impassioned speech about the benefits of her inanimate friend Bridal Buddy and her real live friend Heather, adding “sometimes when you love somebody, it means you show everybody your underpants.”
And like a fairy tale with a happy ending, Heather said “I Do,” to Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary and QVC Queen Lori Greiner.

bridalbuddy That is so adorable! I love it!!! Thank you!!



About Bridal Buddy

Stenlake first created the idea back in 2002 while consulting for a bridal shop. One of the most frequently asked questions by brides buying a wedding dress was “how do I go to the bathroom in this thing?” She invented the solution, but put the product on hold while she raised her family. In 2015, she dusted her idea off and began marketing it.