GOAT Pet Products

Royal Deal for Pet People with Pretend Princess and Pet Pal Robert!

Michelle Snow White Winowich poured on her princess to pitch her pet product ~ a lil’ speaker that clips to your pet’s collar, disguised as a lil’ dog, cat, or bird.
Michelle’s Greatest Of All Time invention ~ named G.O.A.T. Bluetooth Pet Speaker ~ gives your pet a voice, in any voice or accent you choose! But wait ~ that’s not all ~ you can also track pet appointments and program music to calm your canine.
Plus gluten-free dog treats ~ made with ~ wait for it ~ goat milk.
Our collie Nica was excited to hear Michelle is sending her a G.O.A.T., and the kids thought we should have it voiced by their nanny, no pun intended.


Our adorable Bluetooth speaker can stream music while out on walks, help soothe pet anxiety by streaming calming music.

With the convenient built-in selfie remote button, you can be in the pic with your furry BFF. Within the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker app, you can give your pet a ‘voice’ by simply recording what you want your pet to say, or you can type it, and it will play in a ‘Siri-like’ voice and more fun features within the app. Visit your local PetSmart and check out the new G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker.