Signal Vault

Security’s here with Lori Greiner!

Throwback to my first Shark Tank sketch a year ago. Signal Vault, a credit card protection company started by Chris Gilpin with a $1 lottery ticket, was in the tank and the sharks were circling. Lori confidently grabbed her pen and quickly scribbled $1,000,000. At that memorable moment I reached for my markers to quickly capture and post.
More Story: A ❤️ appeared from @ODangHummus founder Jesse, who would enter the tank the following week. After his fantastic food pitch he stretched out those bigs arms and asked, “Who wants to snack!?!” I was hooked again to capture that moment, and so began my season of Shark Tank sketching.
Wrapup: This year I’ve sketched over a hundred of these fascinating folks, actually a few hundred since many presented in pairs or more. There’s about a dozen remaining to finalize and share before Season 8 rolls in this month. If you can guess who’s left more power to you.
Disclaimer: Lori is far lovelier than this sketch. 🖊📝🖌