Scrub Daddy


Shark “cleans up really well” with Scrub Daddy.

Most successful Shark Tank product to date.

Scrub Daddy – Original Scratch-Free Flex Texture Scrubber – 4 Count




About the product
  • CLEANS ALL – A terrific helper for all kinds of cleaning tasks!
  • NO STENCH – I rinse clean and won’t cling to debris so I stay clean, bright and smell great after weeks of use.
  • NO SCRATCHES -Won’t scratch wood, plastic, stainless steel, non-stick coatings or glass
  • WARM VS HOT WATER -Soft sponge in warm water for gentle cleansing and hard sponge in cold water for removing difficult stains
  • QUICK CLEANING – There’s nothing else like me. Hold me with fingertips to zip thru cleanup in the kitchen, bath, everywhere