Entrepreneur Maxwell Cohen created AfreSHeet, a fitted sheet set that includes 7 layers of peel-off disposable-waterproof sheets for $29.95. The sheets are so soft even Martha Stewart gave it her seal of approval. 👋🏻
Let’s do the math. This means you can change your sheets as often as daily for $4.28/day or once a week for 7 weeks @ $.61/day. Think of all the water saved. Deduct a few bucks for laundry plus your time washing and making the bed. (And why do we say “making the bed”? It’s already made!) 🛌
Disregard the math. This is a great idea for camping, emergency situations, anyone prone to incontinence, healthcare environments, unwelcome houseguests and lazy college students. 🛌
But alas, the sharks cared about the numbers and the primary marketing focus on the not-so-hygenic college kids. They determined it wasn’t the right fit and no one jumped in bed together for a deal. 🛌