To Key or Not to Key!

Thumbs up to innovative guy Robbie Cabral! He developed a fingerprint activated lock and the Shark Tank investors were totally open to his invention. 
Winner of the 2017 Innovation Award for Smart Home Products, BenjiLock (named after the friendly dog?) is a keyless keeper! The key is your thumbprint, actually up to four fingers, and the rechargeable lock has a year’s staying power. 
Cabral had a combination of offers and he locked up a deal with Kevin O’Leary.


Fingerprint Lock – SZHSR Portable Fingerprint Padlock Security No Password,360 ° Touch 1 Second Fast Unlock,Lightweight & Waterproof For Suitcases,Golf Bags,Handbags,School Bags,Cupboards(Black)




  • 🌴 SMART UNLOCK ⇒SMART UNLOCK:Do you still tired of waste the time to unlock? SZHSR Fingerprint Lock just use 1s to unlock(note: Try it a few more times when the lock doesn’t recognize your fingerprint immediately) providing you with the convenience of time. SZHSR Fingerprint Lock has 360 Ā°fingerprint collection. SZHSR Fingerprint Lock can not only use fingerprint to unlock instead of a password or key, but also anti-copy. You have no longer to worry about password leaks.
  • 🌴 SAFE AND RELIABLE ⇒ The material of SZHSR Fingerprint Lock use Zinc alloy metal structure and high toughness steel wire to prevent prying or smashing or cutting.It is better to help you to protect your personal belongings safely and reliably. The fingerprint lock can be as private and public use. public use is suitable for whole family. because SZHSR fingerprint lock can entry 12 sets of fingerprints, convenient for the family. Of course, you can also use it as a private lock.
  • 🌴 DURABLE ⇒ Waterproof function of SZHSR fingerprint lock up to IP65 level, and have dust prevention and rain-proof function(note: Keep your finger dry and clean when touching the fingerprint panel),low energy saving and environmental protection. If you charge once that can be used for 2 years normally.
  • 🌴 EMERGENCY POWER ⇒ You must worry about the smart fingerprint lock outage suddenly! Do not worry, SZHSR fingerprint lock have an external USB mobile power emergency jack, you can charge immediately to unlock it. So you do not have to worry about that if the fingerprint lock outage which can not open the lock.
  • 🌴 THE BEST CHOICE FOR TRAVEL ⇒ You still worry about the key lock is too heavy to carry it? SZHSR smart fingerprint lock is only 60g of weight.It is like the weight of a lipstick.When you go to travel, you’d better to bring it and it can become your bodyguard to take care of your belongings. so you can enjoy your travel at ease. It widely use in suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school bags, cabinets travel, school, gym, furniture, wardrobe, package and anti-theft assistant ect.