Dude Robe

Hey, Dude, don’t make it bad

~ Take a sad sweatshirt and make it better ~ Remember to let it over your skin ~ Then you’ll begin to make it better, better!
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders ~ when you can wear a DudeRobe, new leisurewear lined in cushy terrycloth from inventor, former attorney, and sports agent Howie Busch.
Seeking something absorbent and comfy to wear after a shower, Busch bought a bunch of towels at the giant big-box store and asked his favorite tailor José to make him a hoodie and sweatpants. Voila! DudeRobe robes, hoodies, pants and shorts became a leisure line.
Busch stayed cool and comfy in his own dude chair on Shark Tank, and though he didn’t get a deal, he didn’t seem to sweat it.
Hey Howie, how about us Dudettes? We like comfy too!