Grease Bags


Latangela Newsome is the new GreaseBuster in town, with an eco-friendly way for home cooks to dispose of cooking grease.
 She created Grease Bag, a compostable nontoxic bag with all-natural oil absorbing ingredients. 
You fill the bag with not-hot grease and voila! [vOILa!] watch your grease disappear.

 She greased the Sharks with her homemade fried chicken, and Barbara loved her personality so much, along with her chicken, that voila! [vOILa!] the two became partners.

grease_bags I love this sooo much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do this! I need a copy to frame for my #kitchen #greasebags ❤❤😍😍💃