Joes Gourmet Fish Fry

Crushing It! Friday goes with fish so here’s a Shark Tank fishy business story. 🐟

“Try Joe’s!” exclaimed Joe and Maranda Dowell, offering fantastic fried food samples battered in a gourmet herbs and spices seafood breading mix from Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry.
All in a season…When their former seafood restaurant in New Orleans was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, this dynamic duo packaged the secret family recipe and made it available to home cooks and consumers for anything that can be fried.
In the tank, they bagged a delicious deal with Daymond John


What makes Joe’s Fish Fry different from other Fish Frys?

  • Healthier Our seafood coating absorbs less oil. We use high quality ingredients that absorb less oil and allow you to really enjoy the flavor of your seafood or vegetable.
  • Tastier We don’t rely on just flour and salt like traditional fish frys. We have handpicked a variety of delicious herbs and spices to bring maximum enjoyment to your dining experience.
  • Value Our retail package is value, we serve a full 12 oz bag with a resealable pouch, so no reason to waste the seasoning that you didn’t use.