Switch Witch

Sweetest Goodbye.

Say farewell to Halloween candy overload with the lovable Switch Witch doll and book, from creators Rob Bouley and Laura Riley. Ms Witch magically converts candy into healthier gifts and treats. More power to you Switch Witch!

Artist Note: This post completes over 116 captured moments accompanied by rockin’ text from the 29 shows of Shark Tank Season 7!
Season 8 sketchbook here I come. ✏


  • 100% Polyester Fibers
  • Imported
  • The original switch witch is America’s favorite witch and new magical Halloween tradition
  • Teach your children the benefits of giving and healthy eating during your Halloween fun
  • Proud sponsor of operation gratitude and the juvenile diabetes research foundation
  • Includes an original switch witch doll and storybook by author Lara spear riley