LocTote Intolerant!

LocTote bags defy destruction with redefined fabric fibers so you can carry on safely. 
In the Shark Tank, Adam and Don carefully carried on about their line of theft-proof, water-resistant, lockable tote bags that can’t get picked or slashed. Your carried contents are safe, also providing peace of mind. The innovators bagged a deal in style with Robert Herjavec. ✒ (artist note: finally catching up on a few shows after an overpacked few months)

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LOCTOTE Flak Sack – The Original Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack | Anti-theft | Theft-Proof Travel Backpack | Lockable | Slash-Resistant


  • Crafted from a double-layer of hmwpe slash resistant fabric
  • Internal pocket with a certified rfid blocking material effectively shielding unauthorized scanning
  • Pre-treated with industrial grade water repellant so liquid will simply bead and run off fabric
  • Sternum strap keeps bag secured on body while distributed bag weight across your shoulders