Wine And Design

Who’s that naked man behind the pineapple?

Patrick & Harriet unveiled the naked truth with their naked model Richard, and sent the Shark Tank sharks to easel on down the road and paint a pretty picture while wining (not to be confused with whining). Because 6 years ago Patrick & Harriet uncorked their Wine & Design franchise, the places or parties where you swish paint and swig wine with friends and have a great time and go home with art and a memory. Because who doesn’t like to get schnockered and slop paint?
Ironic or iconic? All their franchises are owned by women, but it was Mister Wonderful Kevin O’Leary that bottled them up with a deal. He’s got his own wine line, so Wine not?


The concept for Wine and Design was inspired by a boozy art demonstration that she and her friend attended during a family vacation. Harriet had such a good time that she wanted to create a business that would allow adults to relax and have fun together. Wine and Design is a great place for a date night, girls night, or just for friends who are looking to get together. Participants are shown how to create fun paint designs while also being permitted to bring their own booze to the lesson.